Mac OS X Lion Has Arrived! Here’s What You Need To Know Before You Download

Hooray! Mac OS X 10.7 Lion has finally arrived, and we’re sure you’re anxious to drop your $30 and grab it from the Mac App Store (Link), so head over and get that download started! Further, OS X Lion Server has also been made available through the Mac App Store as an add-on to Lion for just $49.99 (Mac App Store Link). In the meantime, we’ve collected a few Lion-related tidbits that you might want to check out first.

1. How to make sure your Mac is ready for lion!

2. You can get a free upgrade to Lion If you bought a Mac after June 6, 2011! Simply visit Apple’s Up-To-Date page to make your claim.

3. A single purchase of Lion will install on all of your Macs.

4. Check to make sure your apps are compatible with Lion.

5. The top 10 unsung features of OS X Lion.

6. How do use your FaceTime camera to sign a document in OS X Lion.

7. How to create a physical backup of the Lion installer, and perform a clean install from DVD or flash drive.

8. How to enable FaceBook’s new video chat feature in OS X Lion.

9. Make sure you update Migration Assistant before hitting the button!

10. OS X Lion no longer includes Front Row – here’s how to get it back!

Well, there you go! We’ll of course keep you posted with news, how-to & tutorials, and any especially interesting things we find in Lion, and if you find anything awesome, please don’t hesitate to let us know! Click here to download your copy of Lion from the Mac App Store.