More Evidence Surfaces For White iPod Touch

More Evidence Surfaces For White iPod Touch

While speculation about a possible white iPod Touch has already been making the rounds, some new photos have surfaced showing a white front panel for the iPod Touch.

The reports and part leaks began surfacing earlier this month, which is especially interesting considering that we are just over a month away from Apple’s traditional September iPod event.

While nothing is known of possible specs for the new iPod Touch, it appears that these front panels would fit on the existing generation of the iPod Touch. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the line updated with faster processors, more RAM, and a possible 3G data connection, as prior rumors have suggested.

In all reality, this evidence really isn’t very compelling, as there is no good reason to believe that the “leaked parts” aren’t simply a 3rd-party “grey market” add-on for the current iPod touch.

Check out the below video to see some recorded footage detailing the supposed white iPod Touch parts.