Moshi’s Puro 4 – A Great Case for the iPhone 4.

Moshi’s Puro 4 – A Great Case for the iPhone 4.

iPhone users are certainly not limited between their choice of case. There is a huge variety of iPhone cases. There are large extravagant cases such as the Exovault iPhone case all the way down to the small, minimal bumpers that try not to detract from the world known iPhone design. I was sent a Puro 4 by Moshi, an excellent company who deals in accessories and sound gear for Apple products. The Puro is one case from three of Moshi’s products: the iGlaze, the Concerti and of course the Puro.


The Puro is made using a special terahedron microfiber which encases the iPhone very nicely. The puro has a really nice, comfortable feel to it; a lot nicer than the sharp edges of the caseless iPhone. The back is curved ever so slightly, making the iPhone a lot more natural to hold. It fits the body perfectly leaving space for  buttons, headphones and additional cables at the bottom; something that a lot of other cases forget. Of course, the design is not perfect, like many other covers the case has to be removed in order for the iPhone to be placed in a docking station or charging cradle.


Moshi boasts a totally ‘flash friendly’ case. This means that the case will not interfere with the iPhone’s LED Flash and cause glare. This is going to make a lot of iPhone snappers very happy. The inside of the case is also beautifully presented, clearly displaying the word ‘Puro’ indented on the cream fabric inside.



Personally, I can see Moshi’s Puro 4 being my primary ‘go to’ case for my iPhone. It’s beautifully made, comfortable to use and most importantly, my iPhone feels safe. The microfiber material is very good at preventing the phone from being damaged when dropped.


  • Comfortable design.
  • Easy access to volume and lock buttons.
  • Cables and accessories can be plugged in with no difficulty.
  • Flash friendly case means no interference when


  • Case does have to be removed to dock your iPhone.
  • The case covers up the beautiful Apple logo on your device (An extremely small con, but I know that a lot people love showing off that logo :P)

I am going to give Moshi’s Puro 4 a brilliant 4.5/5.

You can buy the Puro 4 from Moshi’s website.