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New MacBook Airs To Finally Arrive Next Week

New MacBook Airs To Finally Arrive Next Week

While many expected Apple’s new line of MacBook Airs to arrive yesterday, a new report affirms that the new units, which will feature backlit keyboards and have a minimum 128GB of SSD storage, will actually arrive next week.

This report comes to us by way of AllThingsD, who tend to have a fairly accurate track record when it comes to Apple product releases. The report backs up many persistent rumors from the past weeks and months, citing multiple sources, all of which agree that the new MacBook Airs will go on sale late next week. A rumor from yesterday suggests that Apple Stores may already have the new MacBook Airs in stock, in sealed boxes that have not yet been opened.

From AllThingsD’s John Paczkowski:

So look for an announcement Thursday or Friday, with the new hardware spec’ing out pretty much the way rumors…have described: New Sandy Bridge processors from Intel, support for Apple’s new high-speed Thunderbolt port, backlit keyboards and a winnowing down of configuration options to 128GB and 256GB of flash.

Personally, I’m most excited about the return of the backlit keyboard – why did you ever remove this, Apple? Will you be getting one of the new Airs if they are, in fact, released late next week? I know I’m considering it.