Nintendo To Finally Enter The App Store For The 1st Time!

Nintendo To Finally Enter The App Store For The 1st Time!

After many years of resistance, Nintendo has relented and will be making their first-ever contribution to the App Store with an app called Pokemon Say Tap – a game that’s unavailable on the 3DS or the Wii, and exclusive to the App Store.

The game is unique from most of Nintendo’s other Pokemon-related offerings. Rather than it being one of Nintendo’s traditional RPGs, Pokemon Say Tap will be a rhythm-based game that has you tapping on Pokemon cards in sync with the game’s music.

One odd aspect of this is that the game doesn’t officially have Nintendo as the publisher, but rather a Nintendo affiliate that controls all of the Pokemon-related licenses and marketing (though Nintendo still had to approve the app.)

This is notable for several reasons – first, it’s the first Pokemon title released on non-Nintendo hardware, and also because Nintendo has traditionally carried a firm stance against releasing games through the App Store.

Could this be Nintendo’s way of testing the App Store waters without assuming much risk? Could we see more NIntendo games coming to iOS in the future? Personally, I’m getting sick of all the cheap Mario clones, and thirst for the real experience!

Your thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. Pick a chute says:

    Would prever RPG style

  3. Pick6 says:

    I want Pokemon Red/Blue SOO much. Please be on the way. 

  4. Warheart1188 says:

    I read a few days that this was only for Japan.

  5. ricalvesa says:

    We have been waiting for a long long time to read/hear something about this, it is just starting, yes, but really, it’s a great step, so go on Nintendo & Apple and make it happens… PLEASEEEEEE!

    a desperate pokemon-gamer.

    1. ricalvesa says:

      Sorry for the mistakes on my words, jaja… I’m just excited with this kind of news 🙂

  6. Andy Buckle says:

    I will be looking forward to this because I have been a fan of Nintendo and the Pokemon series since as long as I can remember and I would love to play some of the newer games on an iOS device, I am hoping to be able to buy a DS in the near future but it would be great for it to officially happen

  7. If Nintendo wants to sell games they are going to have to compromise the platform.  Casual console gaming is fading away.

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