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RIM May Build An AppleTV Competitor For Fall Release

RIM May Build An AppleTV Competitor For Fall Release

Ever desperate to compete in a world that is quickly leaving them behind, RIM is said to be working on a media box for release this fall (codenamed BlackBerry Cyclone) to compete with the Apple TV.

The report comes to us from BlackBerry news site NerdBerry.net, and suggests that the new hub, like the Apple TV, will connect to television sets and play streaming media from the internet. The box is rumored to have both Netflix and YouTube streaming, and will be able to stream media from devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

It seems a bit odd that RIM would venture into the television market rather than continuing to focus its efforts on smartphones and tablets, especially considering the relatively low success that Apple has had in this market (at least compared to their other products).

I’ll believe this when I see it. Honestly, I’m just not sure that the world needs yet another addition to the already vast selection of available set-top boxes, and I’m quite unconvinced that RIM can really offer a product that can really differentiate itself in this category.

  1. Nvstrguy says:

    I think that if RIM does this right they could gain huge traction.  The reason the Apple TV hasn’t done so well is due to its limitation of iTunes playable content.  I can’t use Apple TV to play movies from my massive video library without converting them all to mp4, no thanks.  Alternatively I have rent/buy movies from iTunes store.  With RIM, they will likely capitalize on Apple’s shortcomings (in the same way they advertise the Playbook can run flash) by enabling their box to stream many video formats, faciliate airplay from either iPad or Playbook, maybe integrate a PVR and they’re already rumoured to have Netflix.  There is no other mainstream set top box that has any real traction.  If they do this right it could be huge!

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