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The Move – An iPhone / iPod Touch Case That You Wear

The Move – An iPhone / iPod Touch Case That You Wear

We love a good KickStarter project over here at MacTrast HQ (just outside the Bermuda triangle and hang a left, FYI). The latest KickStarter project to grab our attention is the Move. It’s an iPhone 4 / iPod Touch accessory that lets you wear your iDevice.

The move doesn’t use any straps, clips, velcro, or magnets, but instead uses a case that is placed behind your clothing and fits your iPhone / Touch when placed on top of it. This is called injection molding and is demonstrated in the below video.

While not all examples of using the Move in the above video are practical (the Sat Nav and cooking one in particular), I really like the idea of using the Move for jogging and capturing video while cycling.

Lenny & Jon, the guys behind the Move, are looking for $25,000 in funding to get the ball rolling with mass production of the Move. What do you think? Good idea or bad idea?


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