7-Year-Old iOS Developer Launches His First App

7-Year-Old iOS Developer Launches His First App

While most 7-year-olds were selling lemonade or playing games, 7-Year-Old Connor Zamary was busy becoming the youngest iOS developer in the world (so far, at least). His app, a game called Toaster Pop, is now available for $0.99 (App Store Link).

I love hearing stories like this – young people taking a chance, trying something new, and succeeding! CNET interviewed Connor and his father, where it was revealed that not only did Connor come up with the idea, he also started an LLC to develop and sell the game all by himself.

Connor pitched the idea to investors, made a PowerPoint presentation, filled out all of the business paper work, and has even done conference calls with the actual developers. While Connor did not write the actual app himself, the idea was all his, and he saw it through from beginning to end.

The game involves making toast and spreading it with various condiments, and starts out from being extremely simple to quite challenging as the pace of the game gradually increases.

If you want to check out the app, Toaster Pop is available immediate for $0.99 (App Store Link), and seems to be fairly well done!