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Acer Posts First Ever Quarterly Loss Due to “iPad Fever”

Acer Posts First Ever Quarterly Loss Due to “iPad Fever”

The iPad, it seems, has just gotten a bit more blood on its hands. Acer has just reported their first quarterly loss in the company’s history, and blames the iPad for their lack of success.

Acer currently considers it impossible for the company to make a full year’s profit, posting a net loss of 234 million dollars for their second quarter. Acer, makers of mid and low end consumer PC’s, have been experiencing decreased sales for the past four consecutive quarters.

What’s more intriguing about the situation is that, while Acer (and every other PC manufacturer) have been experiencing decreased sales, Apple has been experiencing just the opposite, even while selling a higher-end and more expensive product lineup that lacks a $300 netbook.

Acer Chairman J.T. Wang seems to admit the iPad as a significant factor in the matter, while attempting to downplay its impact by saying “The fever for tablets is going down and the notebook is regaining the interest of the consumer.” Wishful thinking, Acer, wishful thinking.



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