Android’s Popular Dolphin Browser Arrives On iOS

Android’s Popular Dolphin Browser Arrives On iOS

A third-party web browser app called Dolphin Browser has been extremely popular on Android, having been downloaded over 9 million times (according to TechCrunch), and having just raised $10 million in investment capital. Fortunately, some of this investment has ben put towards iOS development, as the new browser just showed up in the iOS App Store!

Dolphin Browser for iOS brings many of the unique features that made the app so popular with Android users, such as highly customizable gestures, built-in translations, a nice slide-out sidebar for bookmarks and tabbed browsing, and a lot more.

Despite knowing a few fancy new tricks, the fact remains that Dolphin is based on the same WebKit technology that powers Apple’s own Mobile Safari browser, as well as the vast majority of other browsers in the smartphone world, including almost every third-party browser in the App Store.

In the future, the app might be updated to allow for Javascript-based add-ons. In the meantime, however, you can head on over to the App Store and grab the current version of Dolphin Browser for free (App Store Link). Check out the below video to see it in action:

**Update 9/12/2011: Dolphin Browser HD (Free, App Store Link) is now available for the iPad – bring the Dolphin experience to all your iOS devices!