Atlanta Restaurant Replaces Waiters With iPads

Atlanta Restaurant Replaces Waiters With iPads

In case you needed any more evidence that the iPad is becoming a serious social trend, Atlanta eatery “Do Restaurant at The View” has partially replaced their waiters with iPads.

When guests enter the restaurant, they can view the menu and make their selections all from a provided iPad. Their orders are then relayed to iPads in the kitchen, and its only after their orders are ready that actual humans finally come and bring their orders to the table.

According to CNN, the original source for the store, the owners of the restaurant worked closely with an Apple developer to custom design their ordering system to best fit their restaurant.

Further, a combination of sensors and security guards has been implemented to prevent guests from taking the iPad with them after the meal. Further, Do’s custom app is more than just a menu – it also allows their guests to alert the valet when they’re ready to leave, and allows the staff to control the lighting and atmosphere in the restaurant.

It’s a pretty cool idea – and it might change the experience that we have in restaurants in the coming years!