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Cirago Releases New USB-To-HDMI Adapter For Macs

Cirago Releases New USB-To-HDMI Adapter For Macs

The new UDA2000 adapter\ from Cirago is a usefully new tool that will enable you to convert any USB 2 port into an HDMI video out capable of connecting to a display, HDTV, projector, or so forth.

The adapters could easily be used to increase the number of monitors that a given machine can work with at a time, and can also channel audio, making them useful for HDTV hook-ups. PC’s will be able to add up to 6 1080p devices using the adapters, while Mac users will be able to add up to four.

The new adapters work best with a direct USB connection, and may not respond well to being plugged into USB hubs. The adapter also comes with an HD-DVI adapter, further increasing the range of devices that you’ll be able to connect to.

Curiously, Cirago claims that the ADA2000, which is powered entirely via the USB port, claims that the adapter will not cause any latency issues or quality loss of any kind at a display resolution of up to 1920×1080 under 32-bit color, including digital audio.

The UDA2000 adapter is available immediately direct from Cirago’s website, and retails for $60. That $60 price tag is actually a decent deal if the adapter really does perform as well as Cirago claims that it does. The adapter includes a 1-year warranty, and will run on Windows 2000 or higher, or OS X 10.4.11 or higher, and the company is already offering a beta driver to support Mac OS X Lion.

You can read more or purchase this new adapter over at Cirago.