Coming Soon: Run Linux On Your iPad And iPhone

Coming Soon: Run Linux On Your iPad And iPhone

If German iOS developer Patrick Wildt has his way, you’ll soon be able to run desktop Linux on certain iOS devices through a jailbreak hack. The Linux port is expected to be unveiled at the MyGreatFest jailbreaking convention on September 17th.

It’s not entirely clear when Linux for iOS will be released, but when it is, it will only include the original iPad, the iPhone 4, and the 4th-generation iPod Touch, but not the iPad 2, as Wildt has not yet been able to build in support for the A5 processor. This also means that it won’t support the iPhone 5 at launch, as the iPhone 5 is also rumored to be gaining the A5 processor.

For more information, visit the original article on the subject over at iJailbreak. The only question remaining in my mind is why on earth you’d want to run Linux on your iPad…

  1. if you have a linux machine … or a server which you want to access directly as a root … you might want to run linux and use ssh for a secure connection… but maybe there’s an app for that too…

  2. Mike Silver says:

    I know why…

    … just because you can!

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