iCloud To MobileMe Transition Live For Developers

iCloud To MobileMe Transition Live For Developers

Apple issued new developer seeds of OS X 10.7.2 Lion and the iCloud developer beta over the weekend. The updates allow developers to begin officially migrating their MobileMe accounts to Apple’s iCloud service.

Apple has now opened up a new portal at me.com/move in order for developers to migrate their existing MobileMe accounts over to iCloud. The process is extremely simple, and lets you move your mail, contacts, and calendar information over to iCloud. Further, those that transition will be able to continue using iWeb, iDisk, and Photo Gallery (which have technically been removed from iCloud) until June 30, 2012.

Also notable is that Apple is removing the ability to sync certain types of data through either MobileMe or iCloud. The following items will no longer be available to sync: Dashboard widgets, dock items, keychains, signatures, mail account rules, smart boxes for mail, and mail preferences.

  1. Ridiculous that iCloud loses the ability to sync keychains, signatures and settings for Mail. Bah! Humbug Apple!

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