iWindows: Run Windows 7 On Your iPhone!

iWindows: Run Windows 7 On Your iPhone!

Just in case you’ve ever had the desire to run Windows 7 on your iPhone (don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me!), you’ll want to take note of a new jailbreak app for the iPhone 4 that allows you to emulate Windows 7 on iOS.

The new jailbreak app, called (of course) “iWindows”, does exactly that. Further, it’s currently available for free through Cydia under the “BigBoss” repository. Unfortunately (or not?), while this does look like Windows 7, it really isn’t. It can’t run any apps, and it doesn’t function properly.

Just the same, though – if there’s a little Windows fanboy stuck somewhere inside you, this might be the perfect way to get him out (so you can crush him, right?)

  1. Gustavo434 says:

    if it doesn’t function properly it is Windows 7 lol.

  2. Sam Ismail says:

    you could run a fully working version of xp because the specs for xp are 64MB of ram for 32-bit and 128MB for 68-bit and 6 free gigs of ram so it would run great on a iPad and turn it in to a windows tablet

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yes, let’s emulate an X86 processor on an ARM processor!
      It only has like a thousand instructions!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Windows fanboy? Down syndrom, much?

  4. Khaledsamy@me.com says:

    Impressive yet repellent

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