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Lenovo: The iPad Will Be Destroyed By Its Competition

Lenovo: The iPad Will Be Destroyed By Its Competition

Having just released their first tablet and would-be iPad killer, the IdeaPad K1, Lenovo seems to have high hopes, as the company claims that the iPad will be dominated by its competition, and Lenovo will become “one of the strongest” players in the tablet market.

Besides the fact that the media is already calling the tablet “chunky and cheap-feeling,” with software that is “unstable to the point of being unusable,” I can’t help but think that we’ve seen high hopes like this before. From HP in May. Right before releasing one of the biggest all-time failures of a tech gadget in history.

At least HP had something a little bit new and different than before – Lenovo doesn’t even have that much! Talk about pie-in-the-sky optimism, Lenovo. I’ll be laughing it up when I buy one of your tablets for a fraction of retail once they fail horrendously in the market. Especially considering that there isn’t a tablet market – just an iPad market, as big names like HP, Motorola, and RIM have all shown quite clearly.

Perhaps if they priced their tablet at $99 – maybe then they could make a dent in the market. Nah.


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