More iPhone 5 Parts Leak As Launch Draws Near

More iPhone 5 Parts Leak As Launch Draws Near

As the highly anticipated launch of the iPhone 5 draws ever closer, we seem to be witnessing an increasing number of part leaks. The leak reveals what seems to be the battery, the back camera lens, and the headphone jack flex cable from the new unit.

iPhone part supplier TVC Mall has posted images of what appear to be some new iPhone 5 parts this morning. The leaked parts include the battery, the back camera lens, and the flex cable for the audio jack. These new parts are definitely different than the current iPhone 4 parts, but the changes are minor and reveal no interesting new information. The above image from iFixit shows the parts compared side-by-side.

The battery appears to be roughly the same size and shape as that found within the iPhone 4, and the part number of the battery is shown as 616-0580, which is a very plausible part number considering the iPhone 4 battery’s part numbers of 616-0513 and 616-0521. The battery is also listed as a 3.7v 5.3 watt-hout battery, compared to the iPhone 4’s battery, which is 3.7v and 5.25 watt-hour, indicating that the new battery has roughly the same power and capacity as its predecessor.

The back camera module is similar to that found in the iPhone 4 as well. Notable, the module features an embedded flash, casting doubt on rumors that the iPhone 5 would feature dual flash modules or a flash module located opposite from the camera. The iPhone 5 is rumored to be getting an 8MP back camera, although such information could not be extracted from the leaked part.

Unfortunately, as is usually the case, details and specifications on the leaked parts are scant and unrevealing. These types of leaks are often more common leading up to the launch of a device. The iPhone 5 is widely expected to be released some time in early October.