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The iPhone Is Now The Best Selling Smartphone In The US

The iPhone Is Now The Best Selling Smartphone In The US

As if anyone really needed this confirmation, research firm NPD has just published its Mobile Phone Track report for Q2 2011, and ranks the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS as the United States’ top two best-selling smartphones.

What’s especially interesting about NPD’s findings is that the iPhone 3GS, a phone that is now two full years old, is the second best-selling smartphone in the US. The below list details the top 5 best selling smartphones in Q2 of 2011:

  • Apple iPhone 4
  • Apple iPhone 3GS
  • HTC EVO 4G
  • HTC Inspire 4G

Where are you, iPhone killers? Oh yeah, right behind the 3GS, starting at number 3. Is there really any question as to what will happen once Apple releases the iPhone 5? I thought not.

  1. Anonymous says:

    And yet, iOS is still WAY behind Android in this morning’s report of market share last quarter…  But I guess its good to hang on to every bit of good news…lol

    1. Zac Caslin says:

      If apple cared about giving away cheap throw away phones they could have more market share. But they care about making real money selling really good phones that people will actually buy.

      1. PaulB says:

        I am an iphone owner, and have been for years. I am now at the stage where i’m looking at other smartphones running Android 2.3, and thinking ‘if only the iphone could do that’. Even when the iphone can do something the 2.3 Android smartphone can, i am more often than not still thinking ‘if only my iphone could do it as quickly/easily/at no additional cost’ like the other smartphones.
        The iphone 4 may still be the best sellling handset, but only because there are so many good Android 2.3 phones out there to choose from, so the buyer is picking the one with the ‘extras’ they need, so if you added the sales of the top two or three ‘Android’ handsets together, there selling more than Apples babys.

    2. Ipodtherefore says:

      Apple is also pretty much the world’s biggest company in $, it’ll have and hold it steady before too long…and it’s worth more than the top 30 EU Banks together(thanks to NPR for the info) So if it’s ‘so far behind on market share of computers and phones…they’re still growing share in PC’s and the phones are top selling…what’s the ‘little bit’ of good news?

  2. ca cvv says:

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