These 6 Awesome GameLoft Games Are Only A Buck!

These 6 Awesome GameLoft Games Are Only A Buck!

Gameloft has announced on Twitter that they are having a pop-up sale today! 6 popular Gameloft games, which come in both iPhone and iPad versions, are available for just $0.99, today only! Get them while you can!

Gangstar: West Coast Hustle (iPhone, iPad)

Assassin’s Creed-Altaïr’s Chronicles (iPhone, iPad)

Eternal Legacy (iPhone, iPad)

Real Soccer 2011 (iPhone, iPad)

Ashpault 6: Adrenaline (iPhone, iPad)

The Settlers (iPhone, iPad)

Grab these while you can – hey, at least this will give you something to do over the weekend, right?

  1. Garrit Tharp says:

    Thanks for saving me some money!  You are doing a great job keeping me informed on Apple news and sales like these.  Thanks again Really appreciate it!

  2. James Conal says:

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