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Top 5 Things To Do With Your $99 HP TouchPad

Top 5 Things To Do With Your $99 HP TouchPad

Some of you might have noticed that HP’s now-obsolete TouchPad tablet was on a pretty amazing sale over the weekend, with HP and many retailers selling 16GB models for $99 and 32GB models for $149. If you managed to get your hands on one before they were gone, here are the top 5 things you can do with your $99 TouchPad.

While the TouchPad can be used for many things, including watching movies, listening to music, and reading E-Books, there are a few nice possibilities that its $99 price tag opens up:

1. Dedicated Bathroom Tablet – Why would anybody keep magazines and books in their bathroom when they could use their $99 HP TouchPad to bring them all the reading material they need in the bathroom – at &99, you won’t care too much if it gets messed up.

2. Use It As A Recipe Book – While the iPad makes an excellent recipe book with off of its great recipe apps, it can be risky to keep your iPad in the kitchen while making Grandma’s favorite marinara sauce – Your $99 HP TouchPad also does well in the kitchen, and you won’t sob nearly as loud if you accidentally spill gumbo all over it.

3. Let Your Kids Use It Instead Of Your iPad – Worried about what your kids might do to your iPad (or your iTunes account?) Worry no more – the $99 HP TouchPad can run a few silly games, and you can load books and movies onto it, creating a device you aren’t worried to let your kids play with to their heart’s content.

4. Put Android On It – Not feeling the love for HP’s WebOS? Matt Buchanan is working on a project that will let you run Android (first 2.3 and then 3.0) over to the TouchPad, giving it access to a few more apps than it would otherwise be able to access. Hey – Android might not be great for tablets, but at least it still has a pulse (and some developer support), which is more than can be said for the TouchPad.

5. Use It For NetFlix While Traveling – For just $99, why not keep an HP TouchPad mounted in your car? Your passengers can use it for watching videos or listening to tunes, leaving you less distracted and able to drive and navigate to your destination with ease.

While the TouchPad might not be the world’s greatest tablet, being capable of running its own WebOS platform at only half the speed that the iPad 2 can, any modern tablet that you can pick up for just $99 is a great deal – and you’re sure to find the perfect way to use it.

The TouchPad makes a great quick-grab device for situations that you just wouldn’t want to bring your expensive and prized iPad 2 into. Those of you that got the $99 TouchPad, congrats! Enjoy your new toilet-reading station!

  1. johnfromunix says:

    Cute list. Always fun to kick someone while they’re down and all that. Let me arm you with another kick –> No NetFlix on the Touchpad. Although you could instead load your kids up with video from Hulu, Walmart or any other site that has a Flash player since Flash works pretty well on webOS.

    1. Taheem Wells says:

      Hulu? Not so much.

      1. Timgates says:

        Actually yes, you CAN run hulu. Google it, there’s a work around. Just need to be in dev mode.

  2. Enl says:


    1. Plagiarized?  How so, my friend?  Did you see this list somewhere else on the web?  I assure you that I wrote these 5 reasons myself, largely because they reflect some of the ways I’ll be using mine.

      1. Tdubya says:

        I think he was referring to this post over at pcmag from a day ago…


        1. Weird, considering that my article is significantly different than that.  Oh well.

      2. Anonymous says:

        have fun with the netflix part.. read up on the device your talking about before you talk about it…

  3. Letsjustforgetit says:

    I think Touchpad doesn’t support Netflix… Microsoft Silverlight not supported. 

    1. That’s pretty sad, actually.  Yeesh.

      1. It actually DOES support netflix otb.  I heard the iPad’s browser doesn’t include adobe flash! LULZ!

        1. Taheem Wells says:

          Clearly you don’t have one, because it doesn’t.

  4. guest says:

    yay for mac fan boys LOL

  5. I’d actually take a TouchPad over a water down no flash playing itunes forcing pos that is the iPad.

  6. good job bro… this is how you attract people to your page…   and give em nothing… good use of google adsense and market trend

  7. Pingback: Anonymous
  8. Hackney says:

    If you load the Cyanogen Alpha2 Android, it has Netflix.
    And, you can still boot to the WebOS if you want.

  9. Fluckyu says:

    You’re article makes you sound like a person that gave Jobs oral pleasure. You sound like a retarded fan boy.

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