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Watch This Dumb Sony S1 & S2 Tablet Advert

Watch This Dumb Sony S1 & S2 Tablet Advert

What the hell, Sony? Maybe instead of hiring Tim Burton to direct ridiculous adverts, you should promote the features of your tablets?

Apparently, the above advert is for Sony’s S1 and S2 tablets. And I’m telling you now, if I buy one of these things and if it can’t do everything that’s featured in the above video, I will be slightly angry.

*Tim Burton didn’t direct this ad.


  1. messageman says:

    OK, I watched it, umm…what am I getting?

    Umm…catchy tune for sure…but are they selling a “ball on a track game” or what?

    I bet that ball rolls faster on an iPad2!

  2. It wouldn’t do Sony any good to go into the specs; people wouldn’t understand, anyway.  They can’t directly compete with the iPad–nobody can–so they may just as well have gone with the “here’s something that you could also buy” approach.

  3. Phil_d525 says:

    A poor rip off of the old Honda advert (and the OK Go music video for “This Too Shall Pass”).
    Didn’t even look like a machine that would work, I’m sure there is digital manipulation or editing which defeats the point of ads like these (mostly in the falling marbles spelling IMAGINATION at the end, could that really be timed right?)

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