5 iPhone 4S To Giveaway! Yes. Seriously!

5 iPhone 4S To Giveaway! Yes. Seriously!

Update: We have drawn the winners!

Congratulations to Alexandre Aebi, Miami (FL) USA, Joshua Traylor (Kent) UK,
TJ Wilkinson (NY) USA, Chris Beachum (GA) USA, and Soren Hedberg (Terrace BC) Canada who each win an iPhone 4S from dreamfab. Dreamfab will be in contact to arrange for the shipment of the iPhone 4S to your home.

This competition is now closed. Big thanks to dreamfab for arranging the competition!


Yes. You heard correctly. We have hooked up with dreamfab to give away 5 iPhone 5s, or iPhone 4s, or whatever the 5th generation iPhone will be called!

All will be revealed on the 4th of October! But why wait for confirmation on the iPhone release date when you can win one of five new iPhones from dreamfab?

Dreamfab, the company that brought you Demolition Dash, are back with a new puzzle game for iPhone called Happy Hills. And to celebrate the launch of the app they have gone iPhone crazy! Not content with giving away 1, or maybe even 2 new iPhones, the DreamFab crew are giving away FIVE soon to be released 32GB iPhones!

Instructions on how to enter the competition after the drop…

How to win one of 5 32GB iPhone 5s / 4s

  • Download the Happy Hills app from the app store (free app)
  • Take a screenshot of the coupon code shown at the 10th level (approximately 10 minutes into the game)
  • Email the screenshot to win.iphone5@dreamfab.com with your name and location.
  • Then use Facebook to like this post or RT the below message on Twitter to enter the draw.

I am in with a chance to win one of 5 iPhone 5s from @dreamfab_games. You can enter too > http://mctr.st/n9cN0c

And that’s it! MacTrast will then announce the 5 winners in this post shortly after Tim Cook reveals the next generation iPhone on October 4th. In your email to win.iphone5@dreamfab.com please include your name and your location. This competition is open to everyone. There is no regional restriction.

The iPhone (whether it is called 4S or 5) will be provided by dreamfab. There are 5 iPhones to be won in total.

Deadline to enter the competition is 9.59AM PT October 4th (just before the Keynote is set to begin).

To take a screenshot on your iPhone click on the lock button and home button at the same time. Once the screen flashes you know you have taken the screenshot. Then visit your Photos on your iPhone and email the screenshot onto the email address provided.

Good luck and thank you to dreamfab for working with us to provide our readers with this amazing giveaway!

  1. James O says:

    So you can only enter the contest if you have an iPad or iPhone already?  But that’s why I want to enter – because I don’t have one and I want to win one 🙂
    Are there any other options?  If you have an iPhone then sure, you want to upgrade, but if you don’t then you probably are really excited about getting a NEW one…

    1. Hi James. Yes you already need to have an iPhone. It’s a bit of a catch 22 but more importantly….. you don’t already own an iPhone! Only joking. 

      I’m sure you can borrow an iPhone from a friend for an hour to enter the competition if you really wanted to? The game is free to download too so it shouldn’t be too much trouble once you have the iPhone.


  2. Lavdrim Ahmetaj says:

    Ypu guys are awesome, I already played the game through the end and I loved it, I’ll keep y fingers crossed for a new iPhone! 🙂

  3. I tweeted what the article says but the user on twitter with a name @dreamfab doesn’t exist, it says that the account has been suspended. Does my tweet still counts?

    1. Yes. Your tweet still counts. Sorry about that. I entered the wrong Twitter username in the tweet message. I have updated the post now.

      Emergency over! Phew!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Only for US citizens, or is it open for people living outside the US?

      1. Anonymous says:

        Great 🙂

  5. Arena T. says:

    Awesome! Entered using my hubby’s iPhone 4,  🙂 I would love to win an iPhone 😀

  6. Bo says:

    game is shit. constantly crashes on my ip4

  7. Shynee says:

    Can I enter if I only have an iPod and a iPad?

  8. JeffreyThomasIII says:

    App is incompatible with my 3G. So even some of us that do have iPhones can’t participate 🙁

  9. Hey I liked the post on FB, I hope DF are checking up on the FB likes and Retweets!

    Their website is down at the moment, I hope my email to them gets through :/

    1. If you sent the email to them with everything as required, then you’re entered! 🙂

  10. Thanks so much for making this competition MacTrast! It is extremely generous of you to give away 5 iPhones that aren’t even released yet 😉 I really hope I win! I will have all of my fingers and toes crossed until Tim Cook finishes his amazing speech 🙂 Thanks again!

  11. Lim Kang Jin says:

    Wow just 5 people…
    I’m attending though!
    looking for the brand new iphone!!

  12. iHaveScales says:

    game not compatible with iPod touch 2nd gen… bummer for me…

  13. Manuel Vallellanes says:

    Game is surprisingly fun. I entered, good luck to all.

  14. David Ferrandino says:

    That’s dreamfab and mactrast for a great contest and a great app. I love the art work and colors

  15. aidan taylor says:

    I have ios 3.1 and it needs 3.2=[

  16. Hello says:

    what page do we like?

    1. Hello hello!

      This page.


  17. pat says:

    i can use an ipad right?

  18. Josh Braun says:

    when u say location, does that mean address? or city? or state?

    1. Any of the above. It’s just for record.

  19. Josh Braun says:

    when u say location, does that mean address? or city? or state?

    1. We will post about the winners.

  20. Josh Braun says:

    how would someone be notified if they’ve won?

    1. By email after you entered.

  21. Entered and liked, thanks for the opportunity!

  22. Thomas Karlsson says:

    I like the game so much. My son also.


  23. Cute game and quite addicting. Like the puzzle feeling of it!

  24. Setsuna_hanako says:

    my game was abit slow during the menu options. but manage to play after dat. quite fun ^_^.thanx

  25. Guest says:

    This competition is open to everyone…who already has an iphone. I suggest it might be a good idea to adjust your wording?

  26. The app did crash once for me but even so I played it after I had found the code, surprisingly fun.

  27. when will winners be announced?

  28. Sooo… No iPhone 5. Awkward.

  29. Soren Hedberg says:

    Thanks very much! Fun game and a great mac site!

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