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Byte Dock Releases First Third-Party Thunderbolt Dock For 2011 MacBook Pro

Byte Dock Releases First Third-Party Thunderbolt Dock For 2011 MacBook Pro

Byte Dock has just released the first ever third-party Thunderbolt dock for the 2011 MacBook Pro. The Byte Dock is essentially a Thunderbolt-based desktop dock for your 2011 MacBook Pro, and will begin shipping on September 9 for £149.99.

The dock is available for 13-inch, 15-inch and 17-inch Thunderbolt-enabled MacBook Pros, features two USB ports, a Thunderbolt port, a line in/mic port, audio out, one FireWire 800 port and an Ethernet port.

The Byte Dock is a full docking solution for the MacBook Pro, and allows you to keep all of your usual devices permanently connected. This dock would look great sitting next to one of Apple’s nice Thunderbolt displays. You can read more about the Byte Dock by visiting the product page on the web.

Some of our readers will remember the Byte Dock that we featured on the site back in May, it is basically a dock for your MacBook Pro and comes with a range of built in features.

We just got an email from the guys over at Byte Dock to let us know that the Byte Dock will go on sale this Friday the 9th of September for £149.99, and it is available for the 13 inch, 15 inch and 17 inch MacBook Pro’s.

The Byte Dock features two USB ports, one Thunderbolt port, one mic/line in, one audio out/headphone socket, one FireWire 800 socket and an Ethernet port, you can find out more information over at Byte Dock.

The Byte-dock is a fully comprehensive docking solution for your MacBook® Pro allowing you to have all your usual peripherals permanently connected in your home or work environment.

All-in-one docking solution with no need for extra cables.
Simple and seamless plug-and-play functionality.
No additional power adapters needed.
Thunderbolt technology.
Free Minidisplay to HDMI Cable that supports audio.

  1. Jason Jones says:

    I have just received mine, the quality is appalling, i sent emails to the company and they ignored them, so I posted my concerns onto their facbook page, and they deleted them, please avoid, for £140 odd it is amazingly poor quality.Eventually when i got a response from the company they sent me The returns policy, nothing about poor quality, it works, but is really rubbish quality…this is the comment they kept deleting Hi I received my Byte Dock today, and to be quite honest, for the price paid, I am quite disappointed, the item does not sit stable on a flat surface, putting a straight edge across the bottom of the unit, the side wings are a few mm higher than the base, also where the blocks have been put in to guide the front and back of the laptop into position have been glued in, there are glue marks visible, and I know im being a little pedantic about this part, but when I unpacked it there were greasy fingerprints all over it, I would expect this quality from a much cheeper product, but as I said, for the price of this, I would expect so much more

  2. Gman6514 says:


    I got mine through there priority purchase scheme and love this product. 
    So much I have bought another one. 

    I should really ask one question of you as you seem to be bad mouthing the
    Byte-dock guys everywhere, have you sent yours back for a full refund
    yet?  You say that they pointed you to there returns policy have you used
    it yet?

    I have owned a Hengedock which is the only docking station I can compare to
    this as it is on end, and while the henge was good I personally think the
    Byte-dock is better.  Ok so it is a little expensive, however it is new to
    the market and I tell you what Jason I bet you could not have put together a
    henge and it not wobble or the port not align properly.

    You seem to have a real bee in your bonnet about this by the childish way you
    have spammed every message board I have seen about this product. 

    Give this new company a break and use their returns so they can give you your
    money back if it is not up to your standards.

    As for you comment on facebook that you posted here.  I saw that before
    the Byte-dock team took it down, if you have an issue with someone or there
    product do you really think that is the right way to complain about it, I
    understand why they took it down because rather than talk to them about the
    issue you have just spammed every possible place know to man.

    In conclusion I LOVE MY BYTE-DOCK and I will help these guys out against
    negative people like Jason below.



  3. Z Zdtrouble D says:

    Simple Really I love mine it is great.  Byte-dock rules.

  4. Pete Farmer says:

    Nice idea, but seems rather pricey.

    It’s too bad that Apple put the Thunderbolt connector for the new MacBook Air on the opposite side as the power connector.  As a result, the design for a MBA dock wouldn’t be as elegant.

  5. Bruce Simms says:

    I received my Byte-dock and it works great with all connections using the HDMI monitor connections. It has help clear up my desk space as i have a number of systems i use and to be able to stand my MacBook Pro 15 up on end.   But i can also pull it to out and be on the go.

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