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Comcast Developing Live TV Streaming Service For iPad

Comcast Developing Live TV Streaming Service For iPad

Cable giant Comcast is working to bring a live TV streaming solution to the iPad, reports MacRumors, competing with CableVision and Time Warner, both of which already have such solutions. The streaming solution was announced earlier this year, but the first details have just begun to surface.

The solution will be called AnyPlay, and will allow Comcast customers to view live TV on their iPad as long as it’s connected to their home network. The service will require users to have a unique Motorola cable box which will send the live cable stream directly to the iPad app over WiFi, and the service will not work over 3G, or any location other than your home.

The new Comcast solution differers from solutions such as Time Warner’s, which streams live TV over the internet, instead appearing to send video feeds directly to the iPad. Live TV can only be watched on a single tablet at a time.

No information has been given about the release or availability of AnyPlay, but it is expected to initially roll out only in limited markets, and roll out to further areas over time.


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