iPhone Leads The Pack With 89% Customer Retention

iPhone Leads The Pack With 89% Customer Retention

Following a recent survey showing that Apple has reached an all-time high in customer satisfaction, Electronista reports that new research from USB suggests that the iPhone is ahead of the competition in customer retention as well, with 89 percent of iPhone owners continuing to remain loyal.

Apple’s closes competition is HTC, who only achieves a 39% customer retention rate. It seems that the iPhone is swiftly winning over Android users as well, with 31 percent of current Android phone users saying they’re likely to buy an iPhone as their next device.

Most people switching between cellphone providers are switching to Apple, the survey suggests, with the biggest declines being seen for RIM and Nokia, who continue to decline in sales and customer retention.

  1. Brad says:

    Seems kind of a silly statistic since Android users can move from phone to phone as they upgrade, but iPhone users are stuck with Apple as a hardware provider.

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