Official iPhone 4S Cases Begin Arriving At AT&T Stores

Official iPhone 4S Cases Begin Arriving At AT&T Stores

New images provided by BGR and Chronic reveal updated iPhone cases designed for the iPhone 4S, with the only notable difference being the size of the camera opening on the rear, suggesting that the iPhone 4S will have a larger camera module.

The images depict cases from Speck, and additional images revealed over jailbreak hacker Chronic’s Twitter feed reveal a new OtterBox iPhone 4S case as well. The above image shows a Speck case for the iPhone 4 next to an iPhone 4S Speck case to illustrate the difference, while the below images (click to expand) reveal OtterBox packaging for an iPhone 4S case.

The only real reason for case manufacturers to release such an update to their existing cases is the expectation of a new iPhone 4S-like handset from Apple in the near future, which may be announced alongside a redesigned iPhone 5 on October 4th.

  1. liviu oprescu says:

    I don’t think so.  Apple products keep being outed by case manufacturers.  As is clearly the case (pun) here as well.  Apple is much more concerned with the secrecy of the iPhone 5 as opposed to the iPhone 4S.  It’s pretty clear, based on precedent, that the next low-end iPhone would be the previous gen model.  It happend with the 3G, the 3GS, and now it’s happening with the iPhone 4.  Companies already making cases for the 4S is a no-brainer.  They are certain that it’s coming.  Additionally, they ride the wave of anticipation.  Having worked with PR, I can tell you that the value of impressions generated by “leaks” like Case-Mate’s and Otterbox’s are priceless.Apple won’t make the same mistake twice by giving away it’s future designs in the form of case specs.  The only reason Otterbox isn’t making 3 million iPhone 5 cases is simply because it can’t be completely sure what the phone will look like.  And if they’re wrong about it, they’ll incur a huge loss.  With the 4S, they know it’s coming.Another thing to consider is the competition.  While Apple faces no real competition with tablets, this is not the case with smartphones.  The latest and greatest Android and Windows Phone 7 phones come out every few weeks.  If these phones have shown anything, it’s that people are no longer satisfied with 3.5″ screens, no matter how sharp they are.  Apple cannot afford its flagship to have the same design, with an outdated screen size for a total of 2 or more years.  This may have worked in the days of 3G/3GS, but not now when competition is more fierce than ever, and Android commands 50% of the market.  Make no mistake, the iPhone 5 is coming out next month.  It appears likely that there were delays with manufacturing, hence the launch coming 4 months later than the usual.  Four months in a fast-moving sector like smartphones is a lifetime.  Apple won’t risk its stock value, and reputation, simply to come out with an A5 iPhone 4 (a year and) four-months later.  If a slightly spec-bumped iPhone 4 is the only thing being released next month, Apple stock will the a huge hit.  Couple that with Jobs’ departure, and analysts will sound the alarm.  It would be Cook’s first failure.There is clearly some confusion.  This confusion has to do with the heart of the next low-end iPhone.  The $49-$99 iPhone will have an A5 chip.  This has thrown analysts off, because they keep thinking that the A5 is the determining factor to what the next-gen iPhone will be.  It’s not.  Perhaps both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 will have A5s, or perhaps the iPhone 5 will have a slightly overclocked A5 (in addition to more RAM), or even and A6.  It’s all about economies of scale.  If the same chip is in all their devices, it becomes much cheaper.  Apple also has incentive to make their phones more powerful, as it makes the app experience (especially in gaming) much more compelling, and therefore sells more apps, which themselves sell more phones.  Entry-level iPhones with A5s all but guarantee the death of dedicated handheld gaming.  This is a market that Apple is clearly interested in.  Also, Apple has no need to maintain artificial differentiators like processors, when they can do it with tangible specs like design, screen-size, and enhanced UI features such as wide capacitive home-buttons.  On a related side now, my personal prediction is that the iPhone 5 will feature multi-tasking similar to WebOs, and the gesture-capable home button will be used to jump between apps.  To sum up. iPhone 4S is coming.  And nobody will care.  That’s because the iPhone 5 will make it look much older than a year and four months.

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