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Is Windows 8’s Lightning-Fast Boot Up Ready to Smash OS X Lion?

Is Windows 8’s Lightning-Fast Boot Up Ready to Smash OS X Lion?

Mac OS X is currently the fastest operating system on the planet, and one of its most impressive features is its incredibly quick boot up time. Between Lion and Snow Leopard, Lion is only slightly faster coming in at around 35 seconds while Snow Leopard boots up in 38, still a very impressive time. However, recently a lot of operating system developers have been snapping at Apple’s heels trying to make their OS the best on the market. Of course, it isn’t just boot up times that make a great OS, but it’s still a fantastic feature.

Chrome OS has been out for a while now, and one of its key features is to get people online in under 10 seconds from boot up. I’ve seen videos and it works incredibly well. However, it’s very easy for Chrome OS to do this because it’s such a minimalistic operating system, it doesn’t have to worry about starting the OS from where you left off, start up applications or anything else that could be slowing down your boot up time. However, Microsoft have left a lot of other systems in its dust.

The video above clearly shows that Windows 8 is far beyond modern OS’s in terms of boot up time. A fully featured operating system booting up in under 10 seconds is practically unheard of, hopefully this will push other developers to enhance their OS in the future. Although Windows 8 may not be the ultimate operating system, seeing these promising, impressive features relatively early in development is promising.

  1. FloMo says:

    Windows boot up in only 10 seconds, but need 3 reboot with each update. Long update, long reboot.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Um Mac book air with ssd boots up in 12 secs. I’m pretty sure laptop in the video is using SSD.

  3. Billrinmn says:

    I don’t give a rip how fast a system boots… what I care about is that I do not have to restart. Both platforms could use plenty of work there.

  4. Fritz says:

    I have a Mac Mini server with an SSD that goes from cold to fully booted in eight seconds.

  5. Robert says:

    All she showed were the icons popping up. W7 and XP (and OSX for that matter) display icons fast but that doesn’t mean the computer is ready to do anything. Removing the battery only removes data from volatile memory. W8 could have the last state cached on disk or in non-volatile memory, allowing it to start faster. A better test would be to show W8 shutting down (could take awhile), press the power button to start it up, go through logon sequence (oops, it looked like they broke the first rule in computing, requiring a logon or maybe one of those icons was the logon prompt), and actually launch an application. Windows is notorious for making you think you’re ready to work when it hasn’t completely booted up. I’d also like to see a running timer. There was some obvious editing right after it started up. I agree with Billrinmn, boot time isn’t that big of a deal unless it takes forever.

  6. Bayo says:

    Even if Windows 8 boots in less than 10 seconds, still lacks of a real security system. It’s the most vulnerable OS for viruses.

  7. Thib says:

    Before we go so quickly into praising how fast Windows 8 boots up, let’s carefully study what booting up means for Windows 8. For example, I can imagine that OS’s can boot up quickly but NOT loading certain drivers and other things before the user needs it at that moment. What could potentially happen is the boot up is fast, but the initial interaction with the system is slow. So yeah, you get fast boot up, but getting other stuff working has been distributed at the end of the spectrum, meaning post-boot up time. 

    Now, this is just a wild imagination. But what I am suggesting is to investigate closely what Windows 8 fast boot up actually does and does not do before praising it. And sure if it loads up everything while doing the boot up, then great, it works and is indeed a standard to be held!

  8. Johnny says:

    Well, I am using a macbook pro with lion here and it sucks. Stop blaming Windows, that thing is a lot better. 

  9. BatGuy says:

    Wrong! Batman uses the i-BAT!!!

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