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(Pictures) Samsung vs Apple: Who’s Copying Who?

(Pictures) Samsung vs Apple: Who’s Copying Who?

John Gruber linked to this graphic hosted on Reddit yesterday evening at Daring Fireball, and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you. The image simply shows a number of Samsung products next to a number of Apple products that happen to be extremely similar.

Suffice it to say that these sorts of images could be very unhelpful to one of the two companies in their legal battles with the other. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions after viewing the below images for yourself.

And of course, who could forget this image showing Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone next to the iPhone 3GS?:

Say what you will about Apple, Samsung and their back-and-forth legal battles over which company is copying the other. As for me, I need say no more – the pictures say it all.

  1. Marcel says:

    Obviously, you need to be blind in order to not see these definite similarities.
    Samsung is copying Apple, indeed.

  2. Yeachan153 says:

    Author states us to make our ‘own mind’ up.

    Unfortunately, he does not follow through. By referring to samsung’s products in the image descriptions as for example, “their power adapter, compared to apple’s”, “Their USB”, “their store”, “their device” then comparing it to Apple’s similar designs, the author subconsciously biases you to Apple’s side.

    The article HIGHLIGHTS the similarity of the product, but does absoulutely nothing to prove who is copying whom.

    Very sneaky vocabulary used in accordance with images in order to support an argument that has incredibly invalid logic in it, and worse many of these propositions are dubitable & corrigable.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lets not forget, Apple ripped off the entire i-Product naming system.

    iAudio CW100 mp3 player came out a full year before iPod. Then Apple has the gall to call them copycat. That is Apple.

    1. Edward says:

      …the iMac came out in 1998, you do realize that don’t you..?

  4. Samsung’s adapter is smaller in size and is much more elegant,
    The Galaxy box is bigger in height, which makes it look more important (Apple is skimpy as we already know :P)
    The cable and connector should be the same… What about uniting all connectors for all electronics?
    Now you must be kidding for the recording app, Samsung’s is digital with a timer, while Apple’s is analogue and its mic is very outdated…
    Now this is against Apple, Samsung Galaxy S has 3 sleek elegant buttons, while Apple iPhone has a big fat button, even bigger than Apple’s own logo 😛
    And you say Samsung mimics Apple? Well, I say Samsung Mocks Apple 😉

  5. Frozen says:

    First, I can’t tell what icons those are, so I can’t comment on that. Second, That’s not what the Samsung charger that ships with a Galaxy phone looks like. That could be a universal charger. Third, That’s a common packaging model shared by thousands of products, not just tablets or phones. Fourth, Samsung uses a Micro USB charger, which doesn’t look like the one shown. That charger appears to be from an older Samsung phone that is not a smartphone, and isn’t nearly as large as the picture makes one assume. I have one at home I can show you. Fifth, that’s a voice recording app, not a voice recognition app. Regardless, how many different ways can you show a rendering of a microphone? Sixth, although there are similarities in design, you can say the same for many of the phones out there, such as HTC and Motorola’s Droid. However, the iPhone is mostly much smaller than the Samsung Galaxy phones. Especially the screen. :p Samsung may have similar features, but so does every other phone out there now.

  6. K Noakes2704 says:

    you have way too much time on your hands, also the menu thing is a load of poop, becauuse samsungs’s menu’s always have been like that way before apple invented ipod touch and iphone.

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