Readdle Releases PDF Expert 3 for iPad

Readdle Releases PDF Expert 3 for iPad

The folks at Readdle released the latest version of their excellent PDF Expert 3 for iPad yesterday, bringing a number of new features, a revamped user interface, improved PDF annotation, and a new PDF engine that can handle much larger documents.

PDF Expert 3 ($9.99, App Store Link) is a full-featured PDF editing and management app for iOS, and brings a very desktop-like PDF editing experience to the iPad. You can use PDF Expert to fill in PDF forms, sign PDF’s, read and manage many types of documents, and email changes to colleagues.

Performance improvements also abound in the new version, and the entire app feels smoother, faster, and more efficient than its predecessor. PDF Expert 3 also includes a lot of new tools and features not present in the prior version, such as page management options that allow you to add, rotate, rearrange and even remove pages from a PDF with ease.

Readdle has really gone back to the drawing board with version PDF expert 3, and their effort certainly shows. I’ll have a detailed analysis and more thoughts on PDF Expert 3 in the near future as I spend more time digging through the new app. PDF Expert 3 is available now for $10 on the App Store ($9.99, App Store Link), and users of prior versions can upgrade for free. For $10, I highly recommend this as a useful productivity tool for the iPad.

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