Review: Burn The Rope: Worlds

Review: Burn The Rope: Worlds

The sequel to the smash hit, Burn The Rope arrives on the app store. From developer Big Blue Bubble Inc., Burn the Rope: Worlds, a universal app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad has over 100 new puzzles, plus puzzles that are added daily. The goal of the Burn The Rope series is to burn as much rope as possible on each puzzle without letting the flame die out. Along the way as you’re burning the flame, you’ll run into different kinds of bugs on each puzzle that can help or hurt the outcome of each level.


Besides 100 plus levels and new puzzles being added everyday, Burn The Rope: Worlds contains four unique worlds including: Space, Fantasy, Jungle, and Mechanical. Burn The Rope: Worlds also features a new mini-game, Endless Burn, which is a mix of the classic game Snake and rope-burning. In Endless Burn, the more bugs you burn, the longer your flame will get. If you’re new to Burn The Rope and you want to jump right into Burn the Rope: Worlds, casual mode can be played for a more laid back experience.


The controls in Burn The Rope: Worlds are great. Since the flame can only burn upwards, the controls are what makes the game a unique experience and different from many other puzzle games on the app store.  Whether you’re playing on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, the controls are fluid. If you never played Burn The Rope, the controls might take getting used to, but once you get through the first few levels, you get the hang of it.


Big Blue Bubble Inc. has outdone themselves again. Burn the Rope: Worlds. Since new puzzles are being added everyday, you won’t run out of gameplay. Besides the addition of new puzzles, Burn the Rope: Worlds already contains 100+ brand new levels. Burn the Rope: Worlds like it’s predecessor is one of most addictive games on the app store. It’s so original, yet simple, that anyone can jump right into it.

$.99 (App Store Link)


  • 100 brand new levels
  • Four new worlds including Fantasy, Space, Mechanical, and Jungle
  • New mini-game, Endless Burn


  • It would be fun to play or race verses another player