San Francisco Police Launch Investigation Regarding Lost iPhone 5

San Francisco Police Launch Investigation Regarding Lost iPhone 5

Following earlier reports of Apple losing an iPhone 5 prototype in a San Francisco bar, CNET reports that the San Francisco Police Department has launched an investigation into certain aspects of the case.

In particular, the SFPD is investigating the search of a home that took place after Apple tracked the missing iPhone to that location. It was initially reported that the SFPD was involved in the search, but the SFPD initially denied the existence of any investigation.

The SFPD later acknowledged that they did participate in the search by accompanying Apple security personel to the home, bit did not actively search the premises themselves. The department is investigating exactly what role officers actually played in the case.

SFPD’s Lt. Troy Dangerfield told CNET that an internal investigation had begin on the matter, and that the department is merely interested in uncovering the full truth about the search and how police may have been involved.

A further point of interest in the story is that the owner of the home that was searched now claims that he would not have consented to the search if officers had not intimidated him by questioning his immigration status.