Apple Has Already Begun Testing Mac OS X 10.8

Apple Has Already Begun Testing Mac OS X 10.8

Although Apple has only recently released OS X 10.7 Lion, the company appears to already be testing early versions of OS X 10.8, reports MacRumors, as 10.8 has already begun appearing in website access logs (including our own).

The forthcoming update to OS X has not yet been announced, and has appeared a very limited number of times in site logs, suggesting that the update is still being tested only internally, and is likely still a very early version under preliminary testing.

Additionally, the fact that such visits seem to have originated from IP addresses associated with Apple suggests that such results are authentic, and similar access patterns were seen for early versions of OS X 10.7.

It’s fairly clear that OS X 10.8 will be released at some point, but no word has yet been given on what new features it might include, or on what Apple might consider calling the version when it is released.

Considering the cat theme that Apple has been embracing with OS X releases, what do you think Apple should call OS X 10.8?