Apple Publishes Official iCloud Setup Guide

Apple Publishes Official iCloud Setup Guide

Those of you that have been able to download iOS 5 and OS X Lion 10.7.2 today (despite Apple’s poor overloaded servers struggling under the pressure) may be wondering exactly how you set up the new iCloud features that each update includes. Apple’s here to help, and has launched an official setup guide to help you through the process.

If you haven’t been able to install iOS 5, or the latest Lion update, just be patient – the majority of errors people are experiencing is due to the strain on Apple’s servers. Things will get better.

Apple’s guide can be found at a special website set up for that purpose, and helps you sign up for or migrate to an iCloud account, optimize your settings, make sure you have the right software (like the latest OS X and iOS updates), and so forth.

iCloud’s setup process is fairly simple, and Apple’s guide does an excellent job of explaining how to setup iCloud in a simple and easy to understand way. Head on over to the official iCloud setup site to learn more.

Hopefully, you’ll all be able to set up your iCloud syncing soon enough.

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