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Apple To Offer New “Site-to-Store” Option For Online Orders

Apple To Offer New “Site-to-Store” Option For Online Orders

Apple is planning to launch a new program to allow customers who order items from the Apple Online Store to pick up their purchases at an Apple Retail Store, reports MacRumors. The program could help ease concerns about shipping products to your home.

The new program goes by the internal name “Sherwood” and will be available for any product available online, including built-to-order computers and gift-wrapped or engraved products. If your product is already in stock at an Apple Retail Store, you’ll be able to go pick it up the same day.

Picking up your items will require you to bring a proof of purchase and some personal identification, and will allow you to authorize another person to pick up your order, in case you’re too busy or something.

The program will also include the ability to return products purchased online to an Apple Retail Store, simplifying the return process for Apple products, and improving the online shopping experience as a whole.

Sherwood is a pilot program that will at first only be available at select retail stores, although there are reportedly plans to extend the program to all Apple Retail Stores at some point in the future. It’s unclear when the program will officially begin, but with the holiday shopping season coming up fast, this would be a great time to launch the program.