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Apple Won’t Be Offering Apple ID Merging Any Time Soon

Apple Won’t Be Offering Apple ID Merging Any Time Soon

Although hope surfaced back in September that Apple would soon allow users to merge their Apple IDs, a new report from MacRumors suggests that Apple won’t be offering this any time soon.

A number of users encountered annoyances or issues with Apple’s launch of iCloud yesterday, as many people have gained multiple Apple IDs over the years due to changing their email address or creating a separate Apple ID for MobileMe aside from the account tied to their iTunes Store purchases. The matter can also cause headaches relating to automatic downloads, as you can only use one Apple ID at a time with your iOS device.

One customer emailed Apple CEO Tim Cook to voice frustration over this and ask whether Apple had come any closer to allowing this, and received an official response pointing him to an Apple support article that indicates that merging Apple IDs is just not an option.

It’s unclear why Apple does not allow the merging of Apple IDs, and the situation may be for technical reasons relating to the way they original set up the Apple ID system. Apple’s recommended solution, of course, is to use the same Apple ID for both purchases and iCloud. From the support document:

Can I merge multiple Apple IDs into one?

You cannot merge two or more Apple IDs into a single one. You can, however, use one Apple ID for iCloud services and another Apple ID for store purchases (including iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Match). See “Using one Apple ID for iCloud and a different Apple ID for Store Purchases” above for details.
The document does outline the possibility to use one Apple ID for store purchases and another for iCloud, but that’s as far as it goes.

  1. At this point there’s not much use for using a MobileMe account with iCloud, the only things you can’t sync with iCloud using a normal email is email and notes, unless your Me email is your only one or the same as your Apple ID. My MobileMe account is different than my Apple ID but I don’t use my @me.com email that much and only used it for syncing bookmarks,  contacts, calenders and using Find my iPhone but that email is now virtually pointless. I bet most people used notes as little reminders (which we can now have Reminders for that).

    1. JamieC says:

      There’s not much “use” in having umbrellas in colors other than black, but they’re still available. You’re coming from the standpoint that you don’t use your @me.com email account much, but people who do want to move it over to iCloud, and shouldn’t have to go through the headache of telling their device, “No, that’s not the Apple ID I want to use for iTunes.”
      There are two remedies, both problematic, but either should be solvable: Allow us to transfer iTunes purchases from one Apple ID to another, or allow us to merge the two Apple IDs. I don’t know which route Apple will elect to take, but I am hopeful that they’re very aggressively pursuing a solution.

  2. I am a former MobileMe user who had been using a separate Apple ID set up much earlier for all my iTunes purchases. I was thinking I could just start using my iCloud Apple ID for everything but then the App Store forced me to log out and use my old ID to update iPhoto. Now I can’t get my old ID to accept my @me or @mac email address so I am going to have to set up some sort of other mail account simply to receive any receipts, etc. from Apple on my old ID!!! Argh! I’ve always said Apple is so sophisticated about some things but then can’t handle waht should be simple things like this, or like making sure my alarm goes off when it’s supposed to. (Remember the daylight saving snafu?)

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