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DirecTV Updates iPad App With Live TV Streaming

DirecTV Updates iPad App With Live TV Streaming

DirecTV has just released a significant update for their iPad app, allowing users to watch live TV on the iPad. The live streaming works with 38 different channels, and requires the iPad to be connected to the same home network as your DirecTV receiver.

The updated app only works with the DirecTV Plus HD DVR receiver in addition to being restricted to home network usage, and cannot be used to access programs recorded to your DVR, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

For more information, including a listing of the 38 channels supported by the new streaming feature, head on over to DirecTV’s official iPad app page on the web. The updated app is free, and available now through the iTunes App Store (Free, App Store Link).

  1. nicole.vega says:

    This would be handy if I wanted to watch TV on my back porch, but I’d prefer to have the technology that allows me to watch TV on the back of a bus or waiting on a plane. This app is definitely going in the right direction of what DISH Network achieved for their subscribers over a year ago. Since working for DISH I was one of the first to get their DISH Remote Access app which lets me be mobile while watching my full line of programming plus all of my DVR recordings. 38 channels is a start for these guys, but I wonder how much longer it will be until they provide their subscribers with better technology that works outside of the home.

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