How To: Fix Error 3002 During iOS 5 Update

How To: Fix Error 3002 During iOS 5 Update

It appears that a number of users trying to update their devices to iOS 5 are encountering an “error 3002” during the update process that prevents them from completing the upgrade. Fortunately, OS X Daily has found a solution, and I hope it will work for those of you that are experiencing this problem.

It’s not at all clear exactly what is causing this problem, but in order to fix it you must restore your device rather than simply updating it. Make sure you have a backup of your iOS device before continuing, as this will erase all data.

Before you proceed with this fix, make sure you have iTunes 10.5 installed on your Mac. Once you’re sure, launch iTunes, select your device from the left-hand column in iTunes, and click the “Restore” button.

Apple will warn you that this will reset your device to factory settings. Continue with the restore. iTunes will now do the rest of the work, and as long as Apple’s servers aren’t plastered with requests, you’ll end up with a successful installation of iOS 5!

To get your old data back, simply restore from your backup by once again selecting your device in the left-hand column in iTunes, right-clicking (or option-clicking, depending on how your Mac is set up) your device, selecting “restore from backup”, and choosing your most recent backup to restore to.

It’ll take a while for iTunes to reinstall all of your apps and content, but once it’s done, your device will be up and running.

Let us know if this works for you!

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  1. Tony G. says:

    Spellcheck is a beautiful thing.

    1. Ditto, no workie.  Thanks though.

  2. Niko belic says:

    not working i’ve been trying for 4 and a half hours

  3. Niko belic says:

    its taken me all day to get all of my things from google sync back to my mac now i’ve got this s+++t

  4. Jarjarbinks says:

    This will not work. The process returns an error message because Apple’s update servers are swamped with requests and most of them are being denied. The problem is on Apple’s side, attempting to restore your iPhone/iPad will return the same error. 

  5. martin136 says:

    Worked for me on i pod touch went to factory settings then installed iOS 5 followed by all existing content

  6. Niko belic says:

    next time i will just get the new phone with the software on it thanks tim cook you have wasted my day and let the side down 

  7. Alex says:


  8. Aleksandro Araujo says:

    Not working for me =/

  9. whenever i try to restore it just said “the ipad could no be restored. an internal error has occurred”

  10. Nope. Internal error.

  11. Brian says:

    Yep, worked for me on accident. I had tried to install so many times and finally it had gotten to the point where it erased all the stuff on the phone so it had to do a full restore. It must have used the 5 update which was already downloaded.

  12. Niko belic says:

    mine is working now (what i did was restore the phone from backup then done a full restore thats when it worked for me) 

  13. Niko belic says:

    mine is done but lost everything

  14. tim c says:

    how long does it average take to restore from backup when i have 10gb of data,music,.. ?
    how long would the whole process take?

    1. It’s difficult to say. Probably between 1-2 hours.

  15. Auteka says:


    Thanks for the post.  I’m trying to update my iPad 2.  steps and issues listed below:

    1.  Update iTunes (10.5) and LION then trying load iOS 5 on my iPad 2 and the following happens
    2.  Getting 3002 error3.  then I was forced to do the restore
    4.  then I was getting another error code (might have been 502 or something)
    5.  tried to restore… restore kept failing with the 3002 error…
    6.  now my iPad wont boot and says connect it to iTunes… and I’m getting a 3014 error

    any help appreciated…

    London, UK

    1. Yup – this is because Apple’s server is overloaded. Just be patient and things will settle down and start working better.

      1. Auteka says:

        thanks for the calming words J. Glenn.  Looks like you were right 🙂  all working now… yay!

  16. Flavio Landi says:

    Server overloaded guys…..

  17. Elijah Will Eat Ü says:

    i tried this and i still get the message “The iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored. this device isnt eligible for the requested build.” i have the iphone 4 is there any way to fix this??

    1. i have this message too…

  18. Alison says:

    I’m not even lucky enough to get error 3002.. Every time my phone starts to sync iTunes stops responding (I have it updated) and I have to force quit. Would try this (though it seems like the problem is my computer) but how can I back up my data without syncing my phone?

    Will I ever sync again? /dramatics

    1. Right-click or option-click your device’s name in the left-hand column in iTunes, and select “backup device”. That should take care of it.

      1. Alison says:

        Am no having any success with that as iTunes detects my phone it freezes, even if it hasn’t actively started syncing yet.

  19. iFan says:

    I did this but got the problem Error 3194 – give up.

  20. Abhishekpraksah says:

    thanks a lot !!!!!!!!! worked out well ………….. thanks again 

  21. Abhishekprakash says:

    thanks worked out well ……

  22. Henso_38 says:

    thanks =D

  23. Stephen Strikwerda says:

    Please help!! I’ve been trying for two hours today and 4 1/2 yesterday, and I keep getting either Error 3002 (if I click “Update”) or Error 3194 (if I click “Restore” or I don’t get Error 3002 from clicking “Update”). I have uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes three times now, deleted the .ipsw and redownloaded it, edited my host files multiple times, put my iPad into Recovery Mode four times, and done the whole Shift+Click thing countless times. I have no firewall and my antivirus is turned off and I’ve rebooted my PC three times. There is nothing else open but iTunes when I do this other than Windows Task Manager, and I am about to rip all my hair out and throw my PC down the stairs. Nothing is working. Does anyone know any solution at all???

  24. RH says:

    I have the Ipad 2, and on the screen it has the logo apple with a bar under it. When I connect it to the computer, it doesnt even show up on itunes. Please help

  25. MissNL says:

    It worked perfectly for my iphone 3gs.. lucky, I was 😛

  26. Anonymous says:

    i am still not working phone in restore mode trying again today…

  27. Cooldude005 says:

    Has anyone tried it for iPod touch 3rd gen 32gig and tell me if it has

  28. Guszjuk says:

    Thanks man… it’s been a while, since i first tried to update my ios5.. after 2 months, i guess, searching thru blogs, apple, friends, you were the only one clear and succesful help… THANKS MAN!!!!

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