How To Use Siri To Update Your Facebook Status

How To Use Siri To Update Your Facebook Status

We recently posted a tutorial on how to post Twitter updates using voice recognition through Siri. We’ve since learned that it’s possible to update your Facebook status in a very similar way.

Updating your Facebook status through Siri is done by setting up and verifying your mobile number through Facebook and using a similar text messaging tweak. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Visit this page at Facebook to set up and verify your mobile number.
  • Create a new contact with 32665 as its main mobile number (I recommend naming this contact “Facebook.”)

That’s all the setup you need! Once you’ve completed these steps, just activate Siri and say “Send a message to Facebook” followed by the status update you’d like to add. The process works by sending a text message to Facebook’s SMS update system.

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