iOS 5 – How To Update Your iDevice

iOS 5 – How To Update Your iDevice

Many have been awaiting the release of iOS 5 since it was unveiled at WWDC 2011 in June, and now it’s nearly here…but what now? Apple will be releasing iOS 5 later today, but what should you do? Install it, of course! Once you’ve prepared your device and backed up your data, you’re ready to upgrade and give it a go. Here’s how to install the update once it becomes available.

Downloading & Install An iOS Update

iOS updates are downloaded through iTunes, and if you have multiple devices (such as an iPhone and an iPad), you’ll need to download a separate version for each. To download the firmware, simply select your device in the left-hand column in iTunes, and click “Check for Updates.”

iTunes will then ask you if you’d like to download and install the update, or if you’d just like to download it to install later. I recommend that you install iOS 5 from scratch and begin with a clean slate on your device. To do this, click “download only.” Once the download is complete, select your device once more in the left-hand column in iTunes, and click the “Restore” button. This will reset all of your content and settings and install iOS 5.

If you don’t want to go through setting up your device again, and just want to update to iOS 5, then simply click “download and update” and iTunes will download iOS 5 and install it on your device while keeping your old settings.

With brand new iOS releases like this, it’s recommended that you completely restore your device and start with a fresh install. This will not only help your device run smoother, but will also make sure you aren’t missing out on new features that aren’t enabled at first if you use your old settings.

Not sure whether to upgrade to iOS 5 right away? We’ve put together an upgrade guide to help you decide – check it out!