iOS 5 Upgrade Guide

iOS 5 Upgrade Guide

With iOS 5 practically upon us, you may have some questions, or might be wondering whether or not you should even upgrade. There’s certainly plenty to think about before hitting that update button, so we’ve put together this guide to help you decide and provide you with some advice.

Should You Upgrade?

The upgrade to iOS 5 may be obvious for some, as the update brings a number of new features to your iPhone, including iCloud, a revamped notification system, Twitter integration, location-based reminders, iMessage, and more.

For others however, the update may not be such a clear choice. Users that heavily depend on an untethered jailbreak, or who heavily rely on apps that haven’t yet been updated with iOS 5 support may hesitate before clicking the button.

Most apps that work with the latest version of iOS 4.3 will work with iOS 5 even if they haven’t been optimized for it, but if the app is truly critical, you may want to think twice.

Upgrade Now Or Upgrade Later?

Whether you upgrade immediate or device to upgrade later, you’ll want to consider the new features that iOS 5 brings to the table. We’ve outlined what you can expect from iOS 5, and have highlighted it’s main new features in a separate article, so click here to get an idea of what you can expect.

Even with all of iOS 5’s new features, and the long and detailed developer testing it has gone through, it may be a good idea to wait a day or to before upgrading to avoid any potential last-minute problems that Apple may need to address. We’ll be keeping an eye out for things like this and will keep you posted.

Update Your Mac & Your iOS Apps Before Doing Anything Else

It’s important to make sure that you have the latest version of Mac OS X and iTunes 10.5 before attempting to upgrade to iOS 5, or your update may not work. The latest version of OS X is necessary for iOS 5’s iCloud functionality to work correctly, and iTunes 10.5 is required to install the firmware update on your device.

After you’ve updated your Mac, making sure you have the latest version of OS X and iTunes, it’s time to update your apps. Visit the App Store both in iTunes and on your device to make sure you have the latest versions of all of your apps. Most apps will already work with iOS 5, but many developers have hard at work optimizing their apps for the new version of iOS.

Check For Compatibility Problems

To avoid any potential problems with your update, make sure you check the developer’s website for any essential apps that you rely on to make sure there aren’t any warnings about updating to iOS 5. If you find any warnings or issues, it’s probably best to wait until the developer can release an update to address the problem.

Prepare Your Device And Install The Update

Once you’ve decided to upgrade, updated your Mac, and checked for developer warnings, it’s time to prepare your iOS device for the big update! Backing up your iOS device, taking note of any app-specific passwords you might need, and taking screenshots of your setting page in iOS 4.3.x are all important steps to take to make sure your upgrade goes as smooth as possible. You can find out more about how to prepare your device in this article.

After The Update

Once you’ve updated your device, you should be ready to use your device. It’s recommended that you wait to use your phone (or make changes in iTunes) until after your iPhone’s display shows that the upgrade is complete, and after iTunes has performed it’s first sync after applying the update.

And…you’re done! Play around with the settings, experiment with the new features, set your phone up just the way you like it, and enjoy!

  1. Cmdrlaforge says:

    I have an iPhone 3G which I cannot upgrade to iOS5. I would like to continue to sync Calendar and Adresses through MobileMe. Can I upgrade to iCloud the other devices (Mac, iPad)  or not ? 

  2. Meghanf says:

    When you say that I must have the “latest version of Mac OS X ” does that mean I have to have Lion, or that I have to have run system updater in the last couple of days?

    1. Apple will be releasing OS X 10.7.2, which will bring iCloud compatibility to Lion.

  3. I think I should not restore it, it would remove my contacts if I do that, and I only use PC cause I’m still earning to buy a MacBook.. LOL.. =)

    And please do correct me if I’m wrong, if I install iOS 5 will it delete my photos on camera roll? Will the update still be successful even without a SIM on it? Cause I did not roam my SIM and I’m in Europe and it’s not unlocked “too bad”..

  4. Roman B says:

    Hi I use a Pc, if I upgrade iTunes to 10.5, I can upgrade my Iphone4 to IOS 5?

  5. Bhammond09 says:

    Do I have to have Lion to run ios5?

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