iPhone 4S Launches In 22 Additional Countries

iPhone 4S Launches In 22 Additional Countries

Following the launch of the iPhone 4S in its first 7 countries on October 14th, the iPhone 4S has now launched in 22 additional countries as Apple moves forward with its international rollout of the device.

Pre-orders for the device became available last week, and sales began in Singapore earlier this morning, with many stores in European countries opening at midnight to begin selling the new device.

International lines for the iPhone 4S haven’t been quite as astounding as those seen in the U.S. and other initial countries, but many customers still camped out and stood in line overnight to get their hands on the device.

Apple sold over 4 million of the new iPhone on its initial launch weekend, with more than a million preorders in its first day of sales. If the iPhone 4S continues to see strong sales during today’s international launch, the device will likely become the fastest selling device of all time.

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