iPhone 4S May Have Same 512MB RAM As iPhone 4

iPhone 4S May Have Same 512MB RAM As iPhone 4

Apple’s new iPhone 4S may feature the same 512MB of RAM as the iPhone 4, reports Electronista. The matter was supposedly revealed by Epic Games creative director Donald Mustard in a recent interview, which raises concerns about which devices Siri will and won’t work on.

As Electronista notes, if the iPhone 4S has the same 512 of RAM as its predecessor, there’s likely no real reason to limit Siri to the iPhone 4S, as the iPad 2 would feature the same 512MB RAM and A5 processor as the new iPhone.

It’s possible that the report is wrong, however, and it’s also possible that the iPhone 4S contains additional hardware, such as a control chip, to help Siri function on the iPhone 4S. We won’t know for sure until someone gets their hands on an iPhone 4S and performs a full teardown.

Siri has so far been treated as an iPhone 4S exclusive feature.

  1. Thomas Whittle says:

    Or maybe it works on all other devices, it’s just they want to have it as a exclusive for the iPhone 4s

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