Mac Tip: Mail – Reply All

Mac Tip: Mail – Reply All

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How To: Mail – Reply All

Email in many ways can be looked upon as a ongoing conversation. The new conversations view Apple has developed for Mail in Mac OS X 10.7 works with this thought in mind. If this is the case then you may in fact be discussing a singular topic with more than one recipient which will require you to utilise the Reply All function.

Reply All can be found in a few locations. At the top of the Mail window in the tool bar you will notice the following series of buttons. The highlighted one is reply all and represented by the double arrows.

When reading your email you will notice upon moving your mouse pointer from the message toward the detailed information of the email such as sender, subject, and date you will be presented with the following option:

As shown above the double arrows indicated reply all appear and can be selected from this area.

Users can also navigate to the Message > Reply All located in the menu bar as presented below:

If you are into keyboard shortcuts you can easily press Shift + Command + R whilst reading an email you wish to reply all to.

Please note that the reply all function will work even if you do not have multiple recipients. Hence, there is no need to worry if you accidentally select this option.

Reply All will include any email addresses that are present in the from or Cc: Carbon Copy field.

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