Man Turns His Prosthetic Arm Into A Smartphone Dock

Man Turns His Prosthetic Arm Into A Smartphone Dock

Trevor Prideaux have have just become the first man with a built-in smartphone dock, reports The Telegraph. Prideau, who was born without a left arm, received help from Nokia and British medical experts to embed a Nokia C7 smartphone in his prosthetic arm.

Prideaux became frustrated with the extra effort it took to use his cell phone one handed, and decided to take matters into his own hands (and those of medical professions) in order to solve the issue.

The embedded phone makes it easier for Prideaux to call and text his friends and family, and looks pretty awesome on top of it all. Prideaux has this to say: “I think this is the first time this has ever been done in the world – and it is brilliant.”

It’s pretty amazing to see how technology really work for someone like this, and applications like these can be truly life-changing for people like Prideaux. Too bad that Nokia C7, based on Nokia’s woefully outdated Symbian platform, isn’t an iPhone 4S instead! Think of how much easier things could be if Prideaux were able to use Siri…


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