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OCZ Introduces The First Ever 1TB Laptop SSD

OCZ Introduces The First Ever 1TB Laptop SSD

OCZ has announced the world’s first 1TB SSD in a compact 2.5″ format that will fit in standard laptops. The new drive is part of OCZ’s new Octane SSD series, which boasts high speed read and write speeds and increased longevity in addition to the larger 1TB capacity.

From OCZ’s press release:

In addition to being the world’s first SSD to achieve up to a 1TB capacity in a compact 2.5 inch format, OCZ’s Octane SSD series combines high-speed data transfer rates with record-breaking access times to provide a superior user experience and improved application performance.

The new drive boasts read speeds of up to 560MB/s and write speeds of 400MB/s, whereas many of its competitors are still advertising somewhat slower speeds around 500MB/s read and 315MB/s write.

OCZ has developed a new controller for the Octane series called Everest, which they claim can nearly double the life of an SSDs NAND memory, granting it a ten-year lifespan under normal use.

The new drives are being marketed towards consumers, and OCZ will plan to add professional and enterprise drives to the series later, which will feature even faster performance. The drives will support both SATA 3.0 and SATA 2.0, with the former being capable of taking more full advantage of the new drive’s speed.

The drives will be available in sizes starting at 120GB, and will be priced as follows: 120GB for $156, 240GB for $288, 480GB for $528, and 1TB for $1,100. The Octane Series will be available starting November 1st at a variety of major retailers, such as Newegg and Amazon.com.