Review: NewerTech NuMount & NuCradle For iPhone

Review: NewerTech NuMount & NuCradle For iPhone

The iPhone has always been an excellent navigation device with its integrated GPS, Google Maps, and a plethora of GPS apps available on the App Store, but keeping your iPhone in one place in your vehicle can be difficult. A stand or mount of some kind is a virtual necessity to people who plan on using the iPhone this way. Fortunately, NewerTech has produced two exception products that make it extremely easy to mount your iPhone in your car – the NuMount ($19.99, Link) and the NuCradle ($19.95, Link).


The NuMount is a versatile stand with a strong suction base that can mount to nearly any smooth surface. It comes with brackets for the iPhone 3G/3Gs as well as the iPhone 4/4S to securely hold your iPhone while it’s mounted. Since many people use cases with their iPhones, which won’t work with the standard brackets, NewerTech has created the NuCradle – a clamp-like bracket which attaches to the NuMount and can fit almost any phone, with or without a case. The NuCradle includes foam padding on all three sides, and can ratchet inwards to hold your device tightly and securely.


The NuMount and NuCradle are designed to compliment each other. While the NuMount is capable of standing on its own merit, the NuCradle provides a way to get more use out of the NuMount by allowing it to work with a broader range of devices (or devices in cases). Both products are created of high-quality materials, and are durable enough that they will not break easily.

The NuMount attaches to surfaces using a large suction cup at its base, and tension is created using a lever at the base that pulls the center of the suction cup, causing it to hold tighter to its surface. Attaching various clips to the NuMount is as easy as sliding them on, then pulling down until you hear a click, which means the clip is secured.

One design element that I really like about the NuMount is that it includes a locking ball joint. This enables you to easily rotate and position your device after you’ve clipped it on to the NuMount, and then tighten the joint using a knob to unsure that it won’t slip from position when you have it set the way you like. In addition to the locking ball joint, the NuMount’s is made of a stiff, flexible tubing that allows it to be bent into any shape and hold its place.


I found the NuCradle and NuMount extremely easy to use, and extremely functional. Since I use a case with my iPhone, I did not use the standard clips, but instead installed the NuCradle.

This has several advantages, even if you don’t use a case, or have some other need for an adjustable mount. I personally felt that my device was more secure inside the NuCradle than the plastic clips, as the foam keeps a very tight grip on your device once you have it tightened against the sides of your device. The foam also has less tendency to scratch your phone than the hard plastic clips.

Another advantage to using the NuCradle is that it sticks up over your screen, and will shade your iPhone’s display, making it easier to view in the car. All in all, I found both devices very functional, very easy to use, and capable oh holding the iPhone securely in an ideal position in the car to use as a GPS.


The NuMount is a solid product on its own, but when paired with the NuMount, it is one of the easiest to use (and most adjustable) iPhone mounts I have seen. It’s adjustability, solid construction, and overall high quality make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a windshield mount.

Rating & Conclusion

Rating: 4.5/5[rating:4.5]

Considering the high quality of NewerTech’s mounting solution, and its relatively low price ($19.95 each for the NuCradle & NuMount, for a total of about $40), I can highly recommend both the NuMount and the NuCradle for anyone that needs a vehicle mounting solution for their iPhone, and I award it 4.5 out of 5 stars, deducting a half-point because I felt that the ratchet mechanism could be just a bit stubborn at times.

I consider the combination of the NuMount and NuCradle to be an excellent mounting solution that works exactly as it should, and at a retail cost of just $40 for both, it’s also considerable cheaper than other mounts I have seen. For more information, or to purchase either of these devices, visit NewerTech’s NuMount and NuCradle product pages on the web.

  1. flower says:

    The only phone mount worth using is tetrax. (xway)
    I’ve had everything else, magnets are just too simple.

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