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(Video) iPhone 4S Obliterated By .50-Caliber Incendiary Round

(Video) iPhone 4S Obliterated By .50-Caliber Incendiary Round

Some nutcase with a large gun and very little sense has recorded a video of himself blasting the iPhone 4S with a .50 caliber armor-piercing incendiary round. As the video clearly shows, the iPhone 4S is definitely not bulletproof.

I’m not sure why anybody would (or should?) own such an unnecessarily large weapon, nor why they would use it to demolish such an expensive device. Perhaps he has masculinity issues and is merely trying to compensate?

The explosion is pretty spectacular, however, even if this is one of the most remarkably stupid things I have ever seen. The video is embedded below. Those that value the life on Siri the intelligent agent should avert their eyes.


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