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6th Grade iOS Developer Speaks at Tedx (Video)

6th Grade iOS Developer Speaks at Tedx (Video)

iOS developers just keep getting younger! Inspired by Steve Jobs, 6th grade student Thomas Suarez dedicated himself to learning how to develop iOS apps while many of his peers were playing video games or watching cartoons.

As TheNextWeb reports, Suarez even started an App Club at his school, inspired by Steve Jobs, and wanting to make his own contributions to technology, where any student who’d like to can learn how to design iOS apps. Asked about his endeavor, Suarez had the following to say:

A lot of kids these days like to play games, but now they want to make them. And it’s difficult because not many kids know where to go find out how to make a program…And not many parents have written apps.

Suarez has already started his own company, called CarrotCorp, and has developed two current iOS apps – Earth Fortune, which shows different colored globes depending on your daily fortune; and Bustin Jieber, a whack-a-mole game featuring Justin Bieber’s head.

Despite not yet being old enough to even have his own FaceBook account, Suarez has already accomplished a lot – and his story has caught the attention of enough people that he will be giving a TED talk, in which he’ll share his story with a much wider audience.

Not satisfied with what he has already achieved, Suarez hopes to make more apps in the future, and expand his development abilities by creating apps for the Android platform as well, and plans to continue his club to share his knowledge with anyone who asks.

It’s a pretty amazing story, and makes me a bit more confident about the potential of today’s youth. Knowing that kids like Suarez are out there making something of themselves at such a young age is nothing short of inspiring.

Suarez’ full TED talk, delivered at the most recent TEDx conference in Manhattan Beach, is embedded below.