Apple Plan Production of 2 Million iPad 3 Units by End of 2011

Apple Plan Production of 2 Million iPad 3 Units by End of 2011

Apple are reportedly stockpiling 2 million iPad 3 units in order to ensure it has enough supply, according to an article on Digitimes. The new model would feature a high resolution display and be a lot thinner, the article claimed. Apple has asked its suppliers to develop two different tablets, codenamed J1 and J2, with both having different specs to the current iPad.

The report stated that the resolution of the new iPad would be around 2,048 by 1,536 pixels, but as it has been previously suggested, Apple are having problems implementing it. The report said the following about the J1 and J2 models:

“The sources pointed out that the J2 project seems to be an upgrade version of the J1 and although Apple has not yet decided which project will be used for the final launch, Apple is likely to make the final decision based on its needs.”

So it seems that everything is still very unclear, especially as this information contradicts what Digitimes had previously stated regarding the new model.


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