iPads Replacing PCs for Many Home Users

iPads Replacing PCs for Many Home Users

New research findings published by McKinsey reveal some interesting info about iPad owners. GigaOM reports that the study, which surveyed 15,000 users spanning 15 countries, shows that 38% of iPad users never leave home without them, while the remainder leave their iPad at home.

Considering that 62% of all users leave their iPads at home, the implication is that the devices are being used to stand in place of home computers, especially for things like watching movies, surfing the web, or using social networks. IDC backs up this claim as well, reports The Guardian:

Folks who have tablets are significantly delaying their purchases of PCs. They’re not doing away with it — [the PC] has a role to play for a long time — but that delay of a purchase is having a very direct impact on unit volumes in the PC ecosystem.

The study also found that the living room, at 70%, is the most common place for people to use their iPads, while kitchens and bedrooms also remained popular locations for people to use the device.

A new study has surfaced that has pointed out that 38 percent of all iPad users take their iPad with them on the go, much to the chagrin of Facebook. The remainder of the iPad users seem to prefer leaving their iPad at home.